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SUN. A native-inspired blend of Citrus Bliss, Ylang Ylang & Eucalyptus bringing the... 


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The philosophy behind Byron Bay Bath Bombs ripples through each and every handmade product. Our signature bath bomb collection, salty bath soaks, organic blend essential oil rollers, Luxe bath & body oil and Rosa face mist are inspired by Mother Nature. To hold more than 'just a product in your hand, to feel the texture, to inhale the powerful aromas, will bring resources from the natural world to your bathroom.

Our base ingredients hold the true integrity to this range of hand crafted products. Allowing you to be reminded of the beauty in our natural surroundings and will encourage you to enhance your bath and shower water with Byron Bay Bath Bomb Power!!

Why wouldn't you indulge in the richness of our Earth's natural skin & soul remedy's. The benefits of ‘subversive therapy’ have been well documented. It’s a great way to relieve muscle tension, expel any lactic acid build-up. It will help stimulate circulation and soothe sore, aching muscles. Plus it’s a great way to cleanse and hydrate the skin.

Sourced from Australian company's The Salt Box, Naked Press and Black Sheep Farm Oils, just to name a few of my amazing suppliers, are renowned for sourcing, growing or manufacturing their own amazing array of Australian and International salts, natural soda's, essential oils, herbs & flowers.

Zero synthetics or plastics.

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Each Byron Bay Bath Bomb is lovingly hand-pressed from local and sustainably sourced ingredients. 

Combined with naturally certified organic essential oils, you'll experience the aroma and essence's found in our local Northern Rivers area, all wrapped up in a delicious organic bath bomb. 

Small batch production ensures freshness and quality.

For maximum benefit: light a candle, soak for 12+ minutes, breathe the aromas in deeply, feel the effects of the ingredients on your skin, soothing music may be required at this point, or listen to your fave podcast. Become one with the bomb! Sensitive skin approved. 

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